Selling Your Treasure Coast Home 

Perfect Conditions To Sell 

Selling Your Treasure Coast Home - The inventory of homes for sale is currently at a minimum which means we can get the MAXIMUM price when selling Your Treasure Coast Home.  WE NEED INVENTORY TO SELL.  With so many buyers moving to our area and inventory as low as it is, mortgage loan interest rates are low, demand is high and prices are coming up.  If you have been waiting for the right time to sell, the time is now.  Put our experience to work for you in getting your home sold quickly, professionally and for the right price.  

When selling Your Treasure Coast home remember, The Treasure Coast is one of the fastest growing areas in the country due to the beautiful climate and geographical position. All areas in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties are at, or almost at, maximum capacity and maximum price. We have also been told that it gets mighty cold everywhere else.  This is why buyers from all over the world are making Florida’s Treasure Coast their new home.  

Local Knowledge Goes International

Equipped with this knowledge, our marketing plan puts your home in front of thousands of potential buyers when Eric Reikenis is selling Your Treasure Coast Home .  We get phone calls and emails every day from people around the world who are looking to move to our area.  We can present your home to the hundreds of buyer leads that come into our data base every month.  Also, our Brokerage is the fastest growing brokerage in the area adding new realtors every month.  

Our experience and network provides that we will put your home in front of all of the other realtors who might have potential buyers for your home.  All of these strategies create maximum exposure for your home to get your home sold fast.  We will also obtain feedback from the showings so we know what potential buyers think of your home and share that with you.

Marketing Secrets to get up to 21.6% More Money for Your Home

We will share with you the secrets that we use to get up to 21.6% more for your home. Get your FREE report that could net you up to 21.6% more when you sell your home.  We have the selling secrets you've been looking for so let us help you write your very own seller success story.



Easy Out Listing Agreement

Once you have decided to list with us, there no need to be worried about getting locked into a listing agreement. We put an extensive effort into marketing your property from the very beginning and we assume some cost in our efforts.  If you decide that you would like to cancel your listing agreement.

You can be confident that we are in the marketing and customer service businesses and our product is real estate.  Our ultimate goal is that our clients are 110% satisfied with our services and in the event that they are not, they have the freedom to do as they wish with no strings attached.


Selling Your Treasure Coast Home