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Hutchinson Island embraces a small-town feel, while still offering some of the best in luxury, Oceanside living. Residents enjoy sunshine and warm weather all throughout the year, with plenty of activities to enjoy under the sun. The island is separated into two parts, the Martin County portion and the St. Lucie portion. 

Real estate in Hutchinson Island offers a range of options, all embodying the natural beauty of the community. There are even still oceanfront lots available, just waiting for you to build the beachside home of your dreams. Private boat slips just steps from the front door of both single-family homes and condos are the perfect amenities for anyone who loves to spend the day on the water. 

The Martin County portion of Hutchinson Island is all unincorporated, but its southern part is sometimes referred to as Stuart Beach. The St. Lucie County portion of Hutchinson Island consists of three parts, the southern Hutchinson Island South, the middle St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, and the north often locally called Fort Pierce Beach.

Hutchinson Island is home to numerous, beautiful beaches featuring a variety of amenities and ways to enjoy life under the sun. Great beach parks are wonderful for packing a picnic and spending the day. Diving is popular off the shores of Hutchinson Island, with fascinating shipwrecks and other discoveries attracting divers from around the world. 

Hutchinson Island’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation expand even beyond these beautiful beaches. Preserving the natural beauty of the island is extremely important to the community, and there are many protected parks and green spaces. The island’s Indian River provides countless opportunities for fishing, boating, and other outdoor fun. On any of Florida’s many beautiful sunny days, there is so much to be enjoyed in Hutchinson Island. 

Though small in size, the island is home to a convenient range of shops and restaurants. For anything that cannot be found on the island, a trip to the mainland is easy. The wonderful neighboring cities and towns are home to their own fantastic range of local shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

Split between two counties, residents of Hutchinson Island are served by both the Martin County School District and St. Lucie County Public Schools. Both counties offer fantastic academic programs, with athletic and extracurricular activities for every interest. 

The relaxed and uncrowded nature of Hutchinson Island makes it a wonderful place for anyone who enjoys a quieter life. The area is perfect for retirees or families enjoying a second home, with plenty to do and enjoy.